Beyonce has a thing with fans -- both real, human fanatics and appliances that blow air-- at her live shows. Earlier this summer, the Queen Bey's hair was caught in a fan near the stage while performing. This weekend in Brazil, a shirtless fan got too close and tried to yank the sparkly blue jumpsuit-wearing singer off the stage. Yikes. Scary!

Bey was rocking out and she bent down to interact with the fans lucky enough to pressed up against the stage when the overzealous fan pulled her down at nine seconds into the video. She quickly rebounded and was helped back to her feet by security. At 28 seconds in, she even tells security that it's okay. They may have been getting rough with the fan that got a little too handsy with the diva.

Not only was Bey a class act by diffusing any post-pull drama, but she didn't even stop performing for a second. She wasn't even bumped off her game, much less knocked off of it.

Bey later returned to that part of the stage and shook hands with a fan, asking their name and saying "I love you, too. "

We can't tell if it was the same offending fan or someone else. He may have been escorted from the building for his actions.

We understand that Beyonce wants to get close to the Beyhive, but she has to take extra precautions. She's Bey -- everyone wants a piece and things can get dangerous for a diva.