Day 2: There is a difference in 'working through the pain' and knowing there is a problem.

The title of this post is a little deceiving since my program actually started before day one, with my eating habits. Tamara is put together a great menu for us that has a great mixture of carbs, fat and protein to keep his powered up. She told me it's 'top secret', so I won't publish it here, but I will say I'm not starving to death.

Photo by Chris Palvado

Day two at Fit For Life is a cautionary tale. After day one's successes, I  felt pretty good. Day two was probably an over estimation of my ability from so much time off from the gym. I click a mouse a lot during the day, so curling weights proved to be a bit more painful than I expected. I also had a little pinched nerve that gave me burning shoulder pain that cut short a few of my exercises. I also managed to pop myself in the head with an iron bar. Don't ask.

Even with all my little personal challenges, Tamara keeps me motivated and we were able to work a bunch of other muscle groups instead.

Photo by Chris Palvado

Coming up: Day 3, legs!