The journey for a fairy-tale ending is in full swing for this season's Bachlorette Desire, and last night the Bachelorette wanted to make sure that the men are there for all the right reasons.So the big question, IS everyone there for the right reasons?

One-On-One Dates

There were two one-on-one dates on last night's show and they were both great but one was amazing!

  • Brooks one on one date was the perfect date! They cruse into a wedding shop and he tries on suites makes her laugh and she looks stunning in a wedding dress! They jump up in the car and zoom off to the hollywood sign, chatting up a storm and laughing and then Brooks goes in for the FIRST KISS! Follow the date up with dinner on a bridge and a private concert by Andy Grammer, if you paid attention to the song that played at the end new from Andy Grammer, 'I Choose You'-Hum is that a sign!
  • Bryden date was really fun, he has never been to California so Desiree took him on a road trip up the coast. He was of course smiling the whole time he is super sweet but at one part of the date he just could not finishing a line in the hot tub. So Desiree says "Kiss me all ready!" and it was a awesome kiss! I just hope he fix's his hair!!!

Group Date

The group dates are always fun to watch, the guys are giving each other a hard time and it never fails that someone is singled out -- Ben, the Brody daddy, is this weeks luckily winner!

Ben has been doing a few things wrong, taking Desiree away from other guys after he gets a rose, then he mentioned that other past Bachelors were super successful after the show building up there small businesses!

Next week on the Bachelorette, someone's ex-girl comes on the show, which guy is it -- if you click that link the secret will be spoiled!