There was a car chase and shootout in Boston last night, after a campus police officer at MIT was shot and killed by the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects. 

The two suspects then carjacked a Mercedes and led police on a chase, and at one point they started throwing EXPLOSIVES from the car.  This is from a video someone posted of the shootout between the car chase suspects and the police.  You can hear dozens of gunshots, and cops yelling directions to each other about whom to shoot at.  (At :16 someone asks, quote, "You guys got rifles?"  A few seconds later someone says, quote, "White t-shirt! White t-shirt!"  And at :25 the guy behind the camera asks something that sounds like, quote, "Is this related to the, the terrorists?"  The Boston Globe reported later that there was one suspect from the Boston Marathon bombing dead, after the car chase ended in Watertown, about ten miles west of Boston.)