A team of archaeologists in Alexandria may have found the tomb of the man who was known as Alexander the Great.

World Net Daily is reporting that researchers from the Polish Center of Archaeology were exploring a crypt of an ancient Christian church when they made the find: Behind a large monument, a mausoleum made of marble and gold that could be the lost tomb of Alexander III of Macedon.

The entire site is a testimony to the multicultural nature of Alexander’s empire, combining artistic and architectural influences from both Greek, Egyptian, Macedonian and Persian origins. The inscriptions, mostly in greek, but including also a few egyptian hieroglyphs, mention that the Mausoleum is dedicated to the “King of Kings, and Conqueror of the World, Alexander III”. - (WND)

Besides the secular traditions and history surrounding Alexander the Great, he is also alluded to, prophesied if you like, in the Bible's Book of Daniel.