Today we got our first look at the new Apple Mac Pro. In one word, awesome!

The first time you see it, you know that Apple has redisigned the Mac Pro from the ground up. It looks more like an ancient phonograph record that the most powerful Mac to date, but in this small package -- 1/8th the size of the current 'Pros' -- there is a tremendous amount of computing power!


The new Mac Pros are the next generation of high-performance computing from Apple and it looks like nothing you've ever seen before. The new Mac Pro will support up to 12-core configurations with the fastest ECC memory the company has ever put into its computers: 1866MHz DDR 3. For I/O, the new Mac Pros will support FireWire, and plenty of the brand new Thunderbolt 2 standard ports.

They also come equipped with the AMD FirePro graphics capable of running up 4K out of all of its ports and up to three UltraHD displays simultaneously. Video production professionals are licking their chops for these, full-on professional machines.

The new Mac Pro is 'Made In America' and will be available later this year.

Check out the specs for the new Mac Pro here: