Hamilton Beach

This is the last day of summer and though I’m sorry to see it go, I am looking forward to preparing those tratitional Fall meals! One of my favorite tools I love to use in the kitchen is a 18 quart roaster. I’ve found it’s perfect for cooking those big holiday dishes like a Christmas ham or the Thanksgiving turkey and it does a nice job on the dressing too.

I usually let the bird defrost a few days before Thanksgiving in my refrigerator so it’s ready to go. Thanksgiving morning I get up early, prepare the bird with butter and pepper then wrap the bottom in foil and use a large piece of foil to cover the top. Then pop it in the roaster for about three hours at 325°. The roaster really keeps the moisture in and if you want your turkey a little more brown, just put it in the oven to give it a tan. Just remember, the cooking time of your bird will vary and there are some great help lines out there from folks like Butterball. And if anyone has a great recipe for jalapeño dressing, send it to me!

Here is the roaster I use.