Before you undertake a DYI home project, there are some things you should have.

No one wants to start a project only to have to call in an expensive 'professional' to finish it up, or worse leave it unfinished for months...then call in that expensive fixer. To keep that from happening, there are a few things you should have before you start.

#1 The Will To Complete The Project.

Having the right attitude before you start a project may give you the momentum to complete it.

#2 The Right Tools

Having the right tools will make the difference between completing the job in a reasonable amount of time win a minimum of skin and blood loss or not. One of the greatest inventions ever created for the handyman or woman, is the powered drill/screwdriver. They are powerful and come with a multitude of attachments that make them indispensable. If you have to demo first, I also recommend a Sawzall.

Photo by Spencer

#3 A Realistic Time Frame

If you take on a big project, have a realistic time frame to finish it. For example, hanging a set of garage doors by yourself will take all weekend and maybe half of the next if you're also replacing the garage door openers. Paint takes time to dry and things don't always go as planned. Calculate demo time into your project.

#4 A Friend/Partner

Not only will it make a difference in the amount you can get done, another set of eyes and hands makes things easier and safer.

#5 Youtube

There are videos available on YouTube on how to do literately EVERYTHING. Research your project online first; it could save you some big headaches.

Doing your own home improvement projects can be fun and rewarding. Just remember to prepare and pace yourself.