There was a time in life when my mother bought everything for me, school clothes ,shoes, hairspray and underwear. But I have now come to fact that at the age of 38 you should not EVER let or agree to have your mother by underwear for you! Look what you end up with!

Here are my top 5 reasons!

1. Your mother has NO IDEA what 'boy cut' style is; she only knows size TENT!!

2. Your mother will only buy you solid color, just like the ones she wears!

3. Your mother thinks buying you one size to small, will convince you that you need to lose weight -- yep that happened!

4. She'll sneak wash your new underwear before your approval -- now you're stuck with them.

5. Never, never ever let her buy you two packages of five pairs in each, now I have backups for my backups backups!

My Mother is a awesome lady, but I have come realize that I can't trust her buying me underwear anymore, I'm not into Underoos anymore!

It was a sad day this morning at 5 am when I slipped into these tent size underwear on! At first I laughed and tried to do a "sexy dance" for the hubby, but he was laughing to hard at my granny panties.