I found a list online (then modified it slightly), of sounds most people will probably never hear again, do you agree?

Sounds that were commonplace just 10 or even 20 years ago, no longer exist in the wild. For example:

1.  A factory whistle starting or ending a shift. (Unless of course you're a Billy Joel fan and enjoy listening to the post industrial lament, 'Allentown'.)

2.  A mechanical cash register. (I do have the sound effect that I use regularly.)

3.  A steam locomotive. (Unless you visit Chama, New Mexico or Durango, Colorado.)

4.  A car backfiring. (Thought about this one on my own earlier in the week.)

5.  A dial-up modem.

6.  TV static. (What a great sound to sleep by.)

7.  A pay phone, ringing.

8.  A pager.

9.  A fax machine.

10. A dot matrix printer.

What sound do you think is 'extinct'?