Have you ever watched a YouTube video and thought, 'That is AMAZING! I wish I was that talented...'. For me, that is an everyday occurrence. What talents do we most wish we would have been born with?

When I see 5 year old prodigy playing a piano or other equally difficult to master musical instrument, I catch myself wishing I found it that easy to create beautiful music. Others watch Christopher Harris, Kelly Clarkson, Stephen Hawking or even Gordon Ramsey and wish the same thing.

A new survey asked 1,018 adults what talent they WISH they had.

Here are the top 10 answers:

1.  Cooking and baking.

2.  Playing a musical instrument.

3.  Knowing a bunch of languages.

4.  Singing.

5.  Photography.

6.  Dance.

7.  Home improvement.

8.  Art.

9.  Gardening.

10.  Creative writing.

What talent do most wish you had? Put your wish in the 'Comments' section below.